It's Wine o'clock at The Spotted Zebra Company - November 2014

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We are now into November and there is a very large event coming soon - yes, the word has got to be said sooner or later 'Christmas'. 

The Spotted Zebra Company has recently extended its product range to include a general gift section. In this, is the amazing 'Its Wine o'clock' 5-piece wine bottle gift set, which is proving already to be a very popular item - understandable really!

wine set 


This is complimented with some new 'Cheeky' Wine (cotton) bags - one that is sure to suit the taste of wine lover.

Wine bags

Of course as promised, Love Hearts Tube (larger size) Keyrings are now available - how fantastic are they!

love hearts tube

There are many more items coming in soon and SOLD OUT items will (hopefully) be back-in-stock within the next few weeks. The Spotted Zebra Company is the accessories company to come to for great gifts or for something for yourself!!

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