The Spotted Zebra Company's First Ever Blog Post

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It's so exciting!!

This is The Spotted Zebra Company's first ever blog and its first own website. Showcasing in its new home are some truly amazing gifts, including the very funky 'Extra Large Drumstick Keyrings' at only £4.99 Free P&P (UK).

Drumstick lolly keyrings









However, not only are there some super funky accessories, which include 'Bourbon' and 'Custard Cream' biscuits (available as necklaces and keyrings); there are also some more classical style items.

'The Roulette Collection' (bracelet shown immediately below) brings a touch of glamour. Something, that would not be amiss in a casino scene from a James Bond film. Or perhaps, 'The Hollywood Collection' (bracelet shown below) made with the very popular Pave beads is more your style. All 'Collection' items can be bought separately or as set (with savings if purchased as a complete set).

The Spotted Zebra Company is always adding new ranges, and Coming Soon not only new lines of jewellery, but also scarves and other types of gifts. So keep 'Following the Zebra' as lots of new items are coming to 


Red roulette bracelet

hollywood glitz 1 

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