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  1. Well April has arrived.

    This is the month for Easter and a fantastic alternative for a present, rather than a chocolate egg (or as well as) is a Replica Creme Egg! Always a popular item as a necklace, it is now also available in keyring form. 

    Creme egg keyrings

    Also new in - as promised - scarves and wraps. These are proving to be super popular! One of my favourites - and a great seller on at the moment - is the Bicycle Scarf/Wrap. It's a multi-functional item and can be worn as a scarf or wrap - what more can you ask for from a scarf? Oh yes, it's got bicycles on it too!

    bicycle scarf

    Some more new items coming soon to The Spotted Zebra Company. Including, a brand new Sweetie item coming to the Quirky Jewellery Section - it's very cool, and hopefully people will like it as much The Spotted Zebra Company does.

  2. It has been just over a month since the launch of The Spotted Zebra Company's own website, and it's had some great feedback.

    The 'Red & Black Striped Heart Bracelet' (shown below) has had a particularly good response since its recent addition to the site this month - although it's no surprise, as look at how fab it is!

    red and black bracelet

    Obviously, as Easter is on its way these have been proving super popular - Replica Creme Egg Necklaces. They really do look like the real thing, and a perfect alternative as an Easter gift, for you or someone you know is trying not to eat chocolate (well to much anyway!) at Easter. 

    creme egg

    Coming in soon, a brand new product for The Spotted Zebra Company. Scarves are going to be introduced in the next few weeks, which hopefully will be a great success. Hopefully, there will be something to suit all tastes - something that The Spotted Zebra Company always endeavours to do.